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Digimon Xros Wars Death Generals RP Setup

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Digimon Xros Wars Death Generals RP Setup Empty Digimon Xros Wars Death Generals RP Setup

Post  Project L Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:42 am

An evil army has gathered the control of Digital World by collecting all the Code Crowns and now different armies fight for the control of the world by taking over lands. The leader of the evil army that rules the Digital World has decided to put armies to the test in a game where they have to take over lands and every time they do they have to put one of their strongest digimon to watch over it who is named as "Death General". If Death General is defeated the land is taken over by the army that did that who have to chose their own digimon to be Death General of that land. Until all lands are taken over by 1 army that can fight against the leader of the evil army called "Demon Army" and who wins decides the fate of the world.

This is a RP simillar to second half of Xros Wars when Bagra Army toke over the world and Death Generals toke over the lands that we're made. Unllike it, this is a war from a lot of armies that you can make up yourself, Death Generals are called as the rulers of the lands you control, and any Digimon can both Super Digivolve and Digixros/Dark Digixros but just 1 person for everybody in 1 army, what means if i make 2 characters in 1 team and i make 1 character have both Super Digivolve and Digixros that means the other one i control from that army can't have both but if i make the person in another army it can have it but just 2 per person so it won't be overused.

Also you can make up your own Digixroses if you want just describe it also no X digimon please, it's okay with Dorulmon line to Alphamon but not Digimon that end their name with X. Also you can keep your character as secret as you want you just need to tell which army,is it a Death General and what Digixroses/Super Digivolve it doesn have if it has any. Digimon can also have super powers, with that i mean powers of the other digimon but that means it can't Super Digivolve and Digixross just like 1 or 2 times.

Also anybody from your army can control the Death General of your army, but only if you are not active or if it asks permissions.

Also try to fit the names of your armies with Digimon you use through not needed, for example Demon Army pretty much will consist of Digimon like Demon Lords, Myotismon line,Apocalymon, Piedmon, and other evil Digimon, i think Bagramon would also represent the name Demon well.

Armies so far:
Demon Army
You can make your own army and when it reaches 5 i think it will be enough
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