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Digital Memories-A Digimon Fanfiction

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Digital Memories-A Digimon Fanfiction Empty Digital Memories-A Digimon Fanfiction

Post  WarpGatomon Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:46 pm

My infamous Fanfiction known for being funny, zany, joking, and just plain odd sometimes.
Wanna take a read?

Chapter One
The light of morning shone through the cracks in the blinds. Kari stretched out and yawned heavily.
“Oh what pleasures do this first day of summer bring me?”
She rolled out of bed and to her blinds. With a pull they groaned open. What was a hopeful morning was now a blizzard. The only light that shone through was that of her house’s porch lights.
“Oh phooey.” Kari said in dismay “I wanted to go rollerblading.”
Despite the disappointments of her morning, she cheerily got out her Mini Cinnamon Churros (actual cereal) and proceeded to check her E-mails.
“Nom nom… Oh, who’s this from?”
She clicked on an E-mail that was from ‘mailerdaemon’. The only content were a link to an obscure website. Despite the suspicion, her curiosity took over.
“Digital Gate, open.”
She was gone.
Darkvoid. That’s what they called her.
She stared at the ceiling. Thoughts streamed through her head like a video download. Her eyes were glazed over in thought. Her hair was draped over her face. Questions floated around her head. She looked at the clock.
Her voice was small and nobody heard her, not even she heard herself. Tears without feeling rushed down her face.
But her wish was granted.
No response.
Even less of a response.
“Leona! LEONA!”
Leona snapped out of her daydream. She looked around to see who had said it. It was her friend.
“Get back to work, this is no time to space out! It’s like you’ve teleported to a whole ‘nother dimension!”
Leona giggled. She stood up and turned to get to work, but her cell phone rang. She took it out. It read ‘Unknown caller’, but Leona picked it up anyway.
“Leona, are you still spacing out-“
She wasn’t there.
Lance picked up the duct tape. He had been working for a while, and the heat was immense.
“Done! Yes!” He yelled happily. He picked up what was a laptop. Not only was it old and cracked, but covered in immense amounts of duct tape.
“Must… Find… The square root of a triangle…”
Lance mashed the ‘On’ button repeatedly. No response.
“Darn it! I though I had it!”
But right as he said that, the computer screen turned bright white. Despite Lance’s glee, the computer was not turning on.
The computer fell from where Lance was once standing.

More to come.

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Post  Wolf Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:46 pm


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